Cabinets – Reface or Replace?

Homeowners sometimes ask themselves if what is required switch the cabinets. Why don’t you just “reface” them ? To determine in case your kitchen remodel warrants replacing cabinets or you should think about refacing rather, take this brief quiz:

1. What’s the Primary reason you’re thinking about remodeling?

A. Simply want a brand new change

B. Require more counterotop work area.

C. Require more storage in order to add an ‘eat in space’

D. Need new appliances, sink of flooring

E. Cabinet drawers stick or else aren’t effective or any other cabinet problems

2. Is the need for your house rising?

A. No

B. Yes

3. Have others where you live remodeled your kitchen previously five years?

4. How lengthy are you planning in which to stay your house?

A. Twelve months or fewer before we sell

B. Intend to stay 3-five years before we sell

C. Plan in which to stay this home indefinitely

In case your response to several of those questions is “A”, refacing may be the right choice. “Refacing” is really a general term for any procedure for replacing doorways and drawer fronts and includes keeping a veneer to complement the brand new wood species and finished around the cabinet frames. (Some refacers offer optional substitute from the entire drawer and drawer glide system and adding other interior functional features.)

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