Decorate a glass vase – instructions

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April 2, 2017
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November 22, 2017
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Decorate a glass vase – instructions

I recently found a large glass vase at Ikea in which I put a potted orchid. The set is pretty and pretty design but actually I was tired of seeing the black pot, it was not great … That’s why I decided to decorate all this, just to make a better finished set !

For this vase I wanted real silvery reflections, with a shiny metallic effect. I immediately fell in love with the new Paper Foil Hot Foil papers from Rico Design! There are for the moment only some models, united gold and silver, with little hearts (the one I chose), zig zag (top trend), points and arcades (this one made me the eye but Creavea only offers the golden model).

Paper Patch Hot Foil paper is like Decopatch paper, with a glue and a paintbrush, on a clean, dry surface. Just apply glue on the support and then put the Decopatch with the brush. When drying the glue becomes transparent, do not be afraid to put too much on the contrary, it must be fixed. I intentionally “ripped” my paper for a slightly unstructured rendering, in any case more than if I had cut it with scissors.

For the suite I chose to use chips to gild color silver. The application is long enough to be armed with patience if the surface to be covered is wide but the result is well worth it. The shavings to brown give the seal, a very chic and refined side.

The laying of chips to brown requires a brush with soft bristles, the mixture to gild Pebeo and chips to brown. It exists in silver, gold and copper. It is quite expensive but it is not necessary to use a lot to give a beautiful appearance to a creature! This can be applied to glass, a frame, wood, cardboard, plaster, etc.

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