Laminated Countertops: Advantages

Have you heard of laminate or laminated countertops but do not know what they are, what their characteristics are? We come to answer you and other questions you may have about whether or not you need an HPL kitchen counter.

If laminated countertops sound familiar to you, but you don’t know what they are, what their characteristics are, and the advantages they can present, pay attention.

What Are Kitchen Laminate Countertops?

The laminate countertop is made up of a solid base to which layers of synthetic material are attached. This kind of worktop allows achieving a wide variety of finishes. When it comes to laminate countertops, we find that the most common are those that imitate other materials such as stone, steel, and wood.

As for the dimensions, they usually have a thickness of 30mm and contain a density of 600 kg per cubic meter. The main part can be composed of a high pressure layered laminate whose thickness can be up to more than 1mm, although these specifications depend on the manufacturer of the worktop.

This type of countertop is what we see in many kitchens with a bar, as it allows almost infinite customization in terms of shape and design.

Advantages Of A Laminate Countertop

Aluminum laminate countertops are a good solution to install in the kitchen, as well as practical. They have several advantages that must be taken into account.

  1. Price

One of the most notable advantages is the price. Although the prices of this vary according to the materials and the manufacturing process, in addition to the finish, they are still a cheaper material than others.

  1. Variety of Designs

Another notable advantage is the variety that it shows in its different styles of designs and textures.

  1. Multipurpose

This also has a large number of uses. This is an ergonomic surface; that is, it is adaptable, so it has many uses in the kitchen.

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