Spiritual leaders and religious masters have focused on the use of incense for the purification of the environment over the centuries. It also intends to purify your soul and mind. But if you are a man of reason, then spiritual values might not be the ideal reason for buying the incense. Instead, the scientific research on the objects sounds more acceptable. You will be glad to hear that the smoke of the incense contains potent insecticidal, fungicidal, and antibacterial powers. So the smoke can effectively remove the air pollutants from the indoor air. 

Dealing with anxiety and depression

Mental health should be fine to have a good physical condition. By combining the essential oils with the spiritual incenseyou can get rid of negative thoughts and feel optimistic. Self-motivation is very important for achieving anything in life. On burning some incense, there is a natural stimulation to some ionic pathways of your brain. These pathways can effectively reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression. That is why the ancient healing and therapeutic rituals always emphasize the use of incense that eliminates the feelings of despair or depressive thoughts. You can finally forget the mental stress arising from negative emotions.

Get rid of stress

If you are trying to do yoga or meditate, the stressful thoughts keep on disturbing and become the greatest challenge to conquer for meditating. Burning the incense can have a magical effect on performing the rituals like yoga or meditation. The primary reason is the stimulation of the brain to stay calm. The aroma can reduce the heart rate and also relax the nerve stimulation pathways so that you can feel at peace and relaxed. You can even burn the incense while taking the hit baths or massage as it helps in better relaxation of the muscles. The tension within the body decreases significantly on burning the incense. 

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