Top Tips for Travelling with Pets

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During the summer months there are lots of wonderful opportunities to get away and take your pets with you. From sunny seaside spots to travelling overseas, you can find some great pet-friendly trips to add some fun to your summer. With many pets, it’s important to take key factors into consideration, such as how well they’ll travel, how to keep them safe and so on. Continue reading for some top tips on how to travel with pets and have a lovely trip this summer. 


Always Plan Ahead

If you’ve ever travelled with children, then you’ll know that planning ahead is crucial and it’s just the same when travelling with pets. You need to ensure you have covered everything before your trip, in order to keep your pet safe and comfortable during your travel. If you’re going to be travelling by car, you need to get your pet used to this kind of movement. You may find that your pet has never really been in the car for long periods before, so it’s worth taking them out for short trips, gradually making them longer over time to get them used to being in the car for longer periods. This will help to keep them calm and prevent them from becoming stressed and scared. Similarly, if you’re going to be travelling with lots of family members or friends, it’s important to introduce them to your pet in advance, perhaps a couple of times to get them used to each individual and ensure they feel comfortable around them. 


If you’re concerned and think your pet is going to struggle with the travel, whether that’s from stress and anxiety or simply just not enjoying the experience, you should look at investing in some calming medication for your pet. Take a look at these calming and stress diffusers for cats from online retailer Petwell for example, which you can use before and during your trip to keep your cat calm and stress free. This kind of product will really help you to prepare your pet for their travels, as well as making it a more enjoyable trip for them. 


Motion Sickness

It’s important to take motion sickness into consideration when travelling with pets, as it’s an extremely common sickness that can be easily managed if identified properly. Motion sickness can be identified with the following symptoms: 

  • Pacing, relentlessness or lack of energy
  • Vomiting, going off food or excessive drooling

If you’re concerned that your pet could be suffering with motion sickness, you should try to keep them comfortable, even sitting in the back of the car with your pet can help to calm them down and make them feel less stressed. Taking regular stops to let them get some fresh air, as well as driving with the windows open to help them get plenty of air during the journey. 


Important Information

Whilst your pet may not have their own passport or require the same kind of travel documents as yourself, it’s important to gather as much information regarding your pet as you can such as medical records, vet details and so on. This will help should any incidents occur, if your pet ends up seeking vet treatments from an unknown practice then they’ll have the information they need to take a look at your pet safely. These documents will simply help to ensure you have everything you need should anything happen during your trip. 

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