Types of Swimming Pool designs

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When it comes to tiling your home, you won’t be limiting yourself to just floors and walls. The tiles industry has expanded tile applications to more than just two dimensions. They now cover the design and beauty aspect of the house as well. And this applies to the swimming pool and the accompanying area as well. You can have your swimming pool tiled for good and also have artistic designs that will enhance your mood while you enjoy your swim. Here are a number of designs in swimming pool tiles that you can use to beautify your swimming pools.

Rattlesnake pool inlay design

Getting some designs that leave a lasting impression as well as give your personality a cool shade is one of the best aspects of a pool design. You can give your guests a horror chill as they take a dip in your pools. The design looking like a giant and larger than life rattle snake coiling maliciously towards you from the bottom of the pool is bound to give you and your guests a shudder.

Pool with a sea turtle mosaic

While you might have a dose of terror during your dip in the rattle snake design pool, this pool design is to give you a more calm and relaxed impression. This is because of the inlaid design of turtles looking as though they are floating on the water. This is because of the design closely made up of small mosaic tile pieces.

Swimming Pool with a seafloor design

This can surely be one of the best designs to avail for. It consists of all the elements of the natural sea closely inter-related into an ecosystem imparting life under the water; designed in a symmetrical pattern. There are depictions of coral reef and marine creatures in this design. You can also find it relevant with the outer space universe.

3D pool designs for kids

Pool arts are also available in 3D model and this is a very fascinating feature for kids. The design available includes Nemo the fish, and other Disney cartoon characters looking as if they are floating halfway into the water. These designs create curiosity and fun for the kids and their friends for having a little pool fun indoors.

City Murals inside pools

This is one of the most amazing designs amongst all. Imagine how weird and astonishing it would feel diving, swimming and floating around in water as if you are flying over the city like a bird. The kiln-fired mosaic tiles designed with these murals are sure to give you the joy of life without fading out with time.

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