When it comes to enhancing and optimum utilization of space, nothing matches the utility that comes with the use of cabinets. This is essentially because of the fact that they enable the house owners to adjust most of the daily and occasional use items into already occupied or covered spaces, making more space for central living. Due to this utility most of the house owners often search for cabinets near me. Here are some of the types of cabinets that are commonly installed in houses.


Shaker can be referred to as the most common style of cabinet being used in the houses. It basically comprises of five flat panel pieces that make up the frame. It has one centralized panel along with four pieces around it. The use of Shaker style is popular because of the classic and traditional look they provide while maintaining the storage efficiency and cost.


These are an expensive cabinet type that comes along with wooden slats that are horizontal. These designs can easily be seen on interior doors, windows, pieces of furniture etc. These type of cabinets are the best option for such spaces that require plenty of ventilation, especially those that feature louvered doors. They can be considered as a cabinet for places near laundry rooms, radiators etc.

Flat panel 

They are also known as slabs in terms of cabinet doors. These designs are pretty simple yet carry the element of style with them. They tend to offer hard lines in the most minimalist form that lacks the expensive detail work. They fit well in both modern and contemporary kitchens.


As the name suggests it, cabinets here are made up of door sets of insets that are inside the frame of the cabinet unlike others that appear on the outside. The construction of these cabinets require sheer accuracy so that the wood sits in perfectly well inside.

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