Guide to Maintaining Your Air Conditioner

Proper maintenance of your air conditioning unit will not only help you stay cool all summer, but it also helps you avoid emergency breakdowns and the need to visit air-conditioning parts store (ร้านขายอะไหล่แอร์, which is the term in Thai) regularly.

A well maintained AC unit will operate better, consume less energy, and cost less money to work. If well maintained, a cooling system will also serve you much longer before they need to be replaced.

To help you achieve that then, we have come up with some maintenance tips:

Clean and (or) Replace Air Filter

It is highly essential to replace or clean your air filter (for reusable filter). This and should be done monthly during the seasons they are mostly in use and rarely during other seasons. Leaving your air filter unclean allows dirt, dust and allergen particles to pile up, decreasing airflow. This makes the air flowing through your system become dirtier and dustier.

Check Wiring and Components

Note that before working on an air conditioner, it is essential always to switch off the power to the unit.

Next, check the wiring conditions by removing the access panel on your condensing unit. You can also check the capacitors in the unit using an electrical test meter.

Observe the contactor switch, and change it if you notice excessive pitting.

It is best to call an air conditioning expert to do the work for you if you don’t feel comfortable handling your cooling unit yourself.

Check Condenser Unit Fan

 Check fan blades for chips or cracks visible in one or more of the blades and replace them.

An older air conditioner unit may require the fan motor bearings to be oiled regularly.

Wash Outside Unit

Over time, dirt, dust, and so on will build up on the outside of the cooling unit, reducing airflow.

Switch off the power to the unit, and use a water hose to clean out the debris gently.

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