How to secure a door without a lock

Safety and security are everyone’s priority and when it comes to being at home, we always make sure that every door is properly locked. However, there are many doors at our houses that do not have locksets because they are not used for security reasons but still require privacy. If you think that a door without a lock can never be secured, then we have just the right tricks for you to have your privacy without having to spend extra money or time.

Block the door from the inside

Yes, just like you have seen in the movies. Put some really heavy furniture in front of the door to prevent it from being barred. You can place a chair under the doorknob which would prevent it from being opened. The chair will act as a barricade and won’t let the intruder come in. This will help you accomplish your task just fine.


This is another tried and tested technique. You can simply anchor the door with something that doesn’t move or is very heavy to be moved easily. You can use a rope or zip ties or a string to do that. This will prevent the door from opening. However, you can see what works best for anchoring your door and choose the best option.

Door alarms

Door alarms are one of the best ways to prevent any intruder from entering the house. Door alarms are installed on the door where one part of it is connected to the door frame and the other is connected to the door itself. Whenever an intruder tries to breach your privacy, the alarm will set off immediately. Because alarms are noisy enough to alert the neighbors and people around, they scare the burglars.

Portable door lock

Portable door locks are easy to carry and easy to install. You just have to attach one of these to the door you want to lock. You can even attach them to a door that has an already installed lock, the portable door lock will add another layer of security to it. There are various types of portable door locks available that you can choose according to your preference.

Smart locks

Smart locks are another effective way to stay secure. They are controlled by your mobile phone. You can monitor and control when the door opens and when it closes. Whenever the door is unlocked, you are notified. It usually comes with a pin code that eradicates the need for a key, making it even safer.

Even though there are many alternate ways to lock a door, some people always prefer to have a lock on the door. For the purpose, there are many locksets for sale that can be readily available in the market. The lockset is a hardware with the mechanism of locking and latching. Commercial door locks for sale are also easily available for your purchase. These locksets and commercial door locks can be found in a wide variety for you to choose according to your liking.

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