New bathroom designs are coming up and to give your bathroom a modern look, renovation is a good idea. Bathroom renovation Darwin experts suggest that to renovate your bathroom you should focus on the key elements of the bathroom and one of them is the vanity. This will be the focal point of your bathroom, so you should choose the right one. Today you can find vanity in various styles and colors. The storage space also varies. Here are some types of vanities you can consider when remodeling your bathroom with bathroom renovation Darwin experts. 

Colored vanities

You can add some color to your bathroom by choosing this type of vanity. You can choose from bold colors or light ones. The storage space won’t be compromised when you choose the color. A colored vanity will fit any bathroom space and make the bathroom look brighter.

Custom vanities

You will get various styles of vanities in the shops but you can also make your custom design. You can create a custom vanity depending on your floor plan, space, and the overall look of the bathroom. 

Freestanding vanities

A freestanding vanity is a timeless design. These vanities have no storage space but will serve your basic purpose. It is a good option for your guest bathroom which is not used often, so doesn’t need any storage space. You can also use it for your main bathroom if the size of your bathroom is too small for the other vanities with storage to fit in. 

Single vanities

Single vanity is a great choice for a small space. It will have a good-sized sink and have practical storage area so that you can store your bathroom essentials there. You can have a wall-mounted vanity as well to save space. 

Double vanities

Double vanities are perfect for a medium to the larger-sized bathroom. It gives you more space to store your bathroom essentials. You can comfortably perform your beauty regimens there. 

Large vanities

These vanities have large storage space. They come with lots of drawers and open shelves as well. These vanities are appropriate for large bathrooms. 

Before choosing the type of vanity for your bathroom, consider the things you must store in the vanity. Your choice must also depend on the size of your bathroom. You should call bathroom renovation Darwin professionals for installing the vanity. Bathroom renovation Darwin experts know their job well and will be able to install the vanity properly. 

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