Making Your Bedroom A Perfect Corner

Sometimes, we do not see the possibilities that a master bedroom can achieve, especially when we consider that it is too small.

As we know, the center of any bedroom is the wall behind the bed, the space where the headboard usually goes or some striking element that is attractive and of a good size. For example, elegant wallpaper, painting or, a headboard.

Whenever we can, the best thing in this type of room is to have built-in wardrobes that are the same color as the walls, so that everything looks uniform and homogeneous. Avoid the handles so that the mimicry is greater. If the wardrobe does not have enough storage space, you can use modules that work as headboards or bridges that will replace the bedside tables.

It is also important that you are aware of the available space and do not abuse the size of the mattress. If you exceed the proper size, you may find yourself with no space on the sides. However, always remember to keep a minimum of 40 cm between the bed and the wall so that the space flows naturally.

If you have a little space at the foot of the bed (เตียง, which is the term in Thai), remember that you can add a bench with a lid to store some clothes and accessories. While it remains closed, you can use it to place a blanket, books, etc.

Unifying Colors In The Bedroom

Unifying colors is an important key to gaining eye candy and balance. Select a color range and stick to it, both on walls and in textiles or furniture. Play with the different intensity of the tones and add personal details that look at the corners.

White and cream tones help to expand spaces, and in this type of smaller bedrooms, they work very well.

In conclusion, we recommend that when you go to renovate the look of your bedroom, go to professionals. They will advise you in a personalized way based on your space and tastes.

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